I Have Learned

 Leaving the years behind, I have learned that:


- If I do not like the world I have built up for myself, I can recreate a world, which will initiate new    events that I like. 

- I have the right to choose my own thoughts. 

- When I think positively (about health, happiness, wealth, love and understanding), fear and hatred will not be included in my thoughts

- Unless I allow, no one can shape my thoughts.

- When I believe in something with all my heart and soul, and wait in trust and patience, everything I believe and wish will come true. 

- When I am honest to myself, I will not do anything wrong to others easily. 

- Old people say: “those who have not made any mistakes are the ones who did nothing in their lives”.  I have found out the ways of doing things better in future as a result of my mistakes. 

- Thought is universal; it is not unique to a person or a region; it is always present everywhere and I can use my thoughts as long as I perceive. 

- Nothing happens by chance in life; all we live happen because of a constant and inevitable law and it is we who direct this law. 

- When I focus all my attention to good, positive and right things, what I live will be made up of good things. 

- When I reconcile with life, it will reconcile with me; when I get myself away from hatred, judgment and grudge, I will attain a more creative and happier freedom of life.

- When I use my creative-imaginative power and am productive, I would feel happier.

I have learned all these together with what I have read, applied and lived.

I would like to share this webpage with you and will be waiting to hear from you about your experiences and contributions. You can reach me by e-mail. Thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts with you.

Tülin Erkaya
December 2001





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