İstanbul Modern Art Museum, one of the dream projects that has taken so long to be materialized, has finally come true. Prime Minister Tayyip Erdoğan opened the İstanbul Art Museum, built on an area of 8 thousand square meters on number 4 warehouse on Karaköy docks. After announcement of the news in media, my first job was to visit this museum and the Fikret Mualla exhibition as soon as I returned to İstanbul. I have visited many museums but I was mostly impressed here by the İstanbul scenery seen by the museum window and being able to stay so near the sea.  When you get into the 100 meters terrace in front of the eight thousands square meters warehouse that was left over from the 19th century, view of St. Sophia and the Topkapı Palace;  overlooking Haydarpaşa port and Üsküdar from such a distance; seagulls; ferries, boats and rowing boats crossing over, you get carried away to utterly different worlds.

Fikret Mualla Retrospective exhibition, on the other hand, takes one to other corners of the world.  I watched with a slight bitterness a painter’s struggle with art and himself; his fight and settling accounts with life; using colours bravely and with enthusiasm and bringing his world into life on the canvasses.

The places I have caught with my camera: inside and external view of the museum; enjoying fried potatoes in the Loft Café on the terrace; from the sea; on the way back; Beşiktaş; Dolmabahçe Palace and Arnavutköy. 






















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