Who Am I

If those very special people did not exist in my life, maybe I would only be thinking person and not write. The support they have given and my passion for the wooden scent of pencils have always led me to sketch out things, keep a diary and take traveling notes. The internet that provides communication in an incredible extent, my computer and the white screen that I look at have always incited my writer personality.

I was born in İstanbul on May 25, 1950. I studied chemical engineering and worked at the import and export branches of textile industry. I have retired from business life following the establishment of our own representative company,

Lately, I worked in the formation of the webpage


within a team of three people. We have put together our ideals in line with our dreams and experiences.

I published my dairy and traveling notes. Some of my articles on life were published under the heading of “living” in www.mahmure.com

At present, I write in a woman’s webpage under the heading of “Alis’s yellow book” in


Tülin Etizsoy Erkaya





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