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many thanks for your hospitality.  we love you and we
love Tutkum!
cok sizi seviyorum!

Ode to Tutkum and Gocek bey

7 a.m and we are on our way,
headed south from Istanbul to Gocek Bay!
turkish air provides a tasty snack
we will add a few kilos on our 10 day trek!

the attendants thinking i'm Turkish
must be the beard
they speak to Serap in German
and she is from here!!

as we approach Dalaman
the mountains and sea are breathtaking
i buzz with excitement
as our taxi ascends the mountain to Gocek Bay!

our cell phone doesn't work
a blessing in disguise
our driver is tipsy
it makes for an interesting ride

i am overjoyed as we enter Port Gocek
the familiar sight of Cafe Port...
and Hasan Kaptan and his new assistany, Hilmi,
this is the only place truly want to be.

our dear friends, Tulin and Aytuc
and their hearts of gold
welcome us on their beautiful boat "Tutkum"
and the pleasures of this magical place

within moments we are headed south
instantly absorbing the beauty
of the Meditterranean Sea
bluer than any blue i've ever seen

the coves and the inlets
each, their special spots in paradise
the refreshing water, the joy of swimming
the peace and tranquility

we read, we drink and we eat
oh my, do we eat!
the cuisine is extraordinary
the freshness and diversity is beyond words
as we enjoy the exquisite meals of Hilmi

the incredible lunch and dinner servings
all prepared with care and precision
each serving so good you can't help but enjoy seconds

we beg him to stop the afternoon snacks
but he can't resist as sucuk and kasar arrives
and there is always tea, to savor and keep us going

when we head back to Port
we walk the streets of Gocek
we mingle with the merchants
we soak in the atmosphere

we enjoy the Cola Light
as we surf at the Internet Cafe
we laugh with the waiters
at the "Kebap Hospital"

we enjoy our Efes Beer
and the sounds of the street
we even take in the experience
of a traditional country wedding!

while we do enjoy the land
it is back to the sea we must go
to our beloved Tutkum
and the magical coves

we read and we rest and we clear our heads
we dream of the future
and how our road should lead here again
and how we should stay for endless days

we are blessed
blessed to be able to enjoy this magical place
blessed to have friends like Tulin and Aytuc

two lefts and two rights olive trees and Efes beer signs!!


Boynuzbükü Göcek Bay... 




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