Rockport - Cape Ann

September 5, 1999

Now, I sat down to tidy up the bills, papers and other miscellaneous items on my desk. When everything was all tidied up, my famous spiraled agenda came out, and some notepapers fell off from its inside.   

We set off from Boston. It is a beautiful day. We are traveling to Rockport.        



Monday is the Labour Day so we will have a long weekend. Today is Sunday.

Rockport is a charming town on the coast of Cape Ann. It is in north of Boston and at an hour’s distance from there. It is a place with a magnificent view of nature and the ocean and the fabulous wild rocks. Painters prefer to live here both in winter and in summer. 

We have our lunch in a restaurant called 'My Place by The Sea' at Bearskin Neck, under the white umbrellas by the sea. Seagulls are flying over us to get breadcrumbs. Lots of boats are sailing in the bay.

We have Caesar Salad as a starter. As the main course, a bucketful of Mussels Provencal; Prepared with various herbs, garlic, cream and white wine. Side dish is French fries…  

We have a walk in the village after the meal. We visit the exhibitions of the painters with open atelier houses. The artists show how they work together with the exhibited objects in the ceramic and pottery ateliers. 

Cats lying behind the windows are enjoying the autumn sun.

We take notes about the Internet addresses of the artists and the galleries we like,

The sunset over the Atlantic is breathtaking.

The weather gets cool and humid. We pick up our blankets with which we enjoyed ourselves lying down under the trees. We shake off the yellowish red autumn leaves and the stuck sands on the blankets and get prepared to go back.  


Tülin Erkaya 




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